Free is Fabulous

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I’ve updated my gift at the Fab Free Headquarters to these glossy black stilletto boots.  They are one piece original mesh construction and resizable in any dimension with the included hud.  This means you can make them fit a wide variety of avatar shapes and over/under some mesh clothing items that might give you trouble with  rigged mesh items.

These will be free at the headquarters for at least a month.  There are lots of other gifts there too, and they are updated regularly.  No group membership required, but I recommend it.  The folks at Fab Free are one of the oldest communities of bargain hunters on the grid and the enourmous group is always fast to spot and share a deal!


glossy black boot ad



Let’s Play!

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Showing my gift for the Cool Me Down Hunt which starts June 1.  This color change mesh bag features 6 shades and is all original mesh and textures.  I’m also sporting my “decidedly not beach friendly” skin, the new Pink Fuel gift skin “Harley” in Crystal.  This generous gift comes with tons of options and appliers and is dead on my real life pale complexion. I love it so much.  The group has been free for some time now, but an enrollment fee has been added with this gift.  The 500L charge is money well spent.



Skin – Pink Fuel Harley, Crystal. Lid 01 plus Freckles – group gift (join fee)
Hair – Truth Thema – Colabor88 May (not free)
Jumper – Lark Regina Jumper - Colabor88 May (not free)
Shoes – Duh! Straw Flower Slippers – Fab Free Headquarters Gift
Glasses – ISON quinton glasses (crystal) – Not Free
Bag – Duh! Cool Me Down Beach Bag – Cool Me Down Hunt Gift (color change)


Location: Serena Long Cay

Pose .:Poison:. (closed)

Antisocial Web Hunt

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Items from the Antisocial Web Hunt which started yesterday.  The blog is here with the slurls and hints.  I wasn’t able to find quite a few things (pretty much anything without a hint is probably not out) but there are plenty of goodies to search for.  Everything shown except the hair and the glasses is from the hunt.


Skin .:Panda Punx:. BS Avery Skin – ASWH
Hair – pr!tty – Thenums group gift in notices (free to join) – Fatpack!
Piercing – .HW. PC//17 Mesh Piercing Unisex – ASWH
Shirt – *HolliPocket* Summer Splash Top – Cranberry – ASWH
Jacket – Insanya Sleeveless Jacket Mesh – ASWH
Pants – [SugarMarmite] Mesh Jeans – ASWH
Arm/Chest Tat – :Wicked Tattoos: Faith – ASWH
Sneakers – N1CO Antisocial Web Hunt Sneakers – ASWH
Necklace – Glitzz Heart Necklace – ASWH

Skin .:Panda Punx:. BS Avery Skin – ASWH
Hair – pr!tty – Thenums group gift in notices (free to join) – Fatpack!
Piercing – .HW. PC//17 Mesh Piercing Unisex – ASWH
Head Tat – Love Zombie – Smeared Cross – ASWH
Arm/Chest Tat – :Wicked Tattoos: Faith – ASWH
Top – alterego Motton Tank Top – ASWH
Pants – 20 FIVE Jarred Pants Black – ASWH
Boots – ::Duh!:: Engineer Boots Flames – ASWH
Arm Warmers – [bubble] Armwarmer – ASWH

Glasses – Old 50L Friday item



Are You KIDDING Me with this STUFF? – Pink Fusion Hunt

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pink fusion hunt final


The Depraved Nation Pink Fusion Hunt  started today, and since I usually like to blog free hunts, let me just start off by saying this stuff isn’t technically free.  It’s 5 lindens for each item.  But I’d hazzard a guess that it will be the best 5 whole lindens you ever spent.  Every prize I open from this hunt is amazing!

The hunt blog is here, with slurls, hints and a gallery of the rest of the prizes which I love, since 5L times 50 stores does add up a bit, and maybe you don’t really need 5 different pink dresses.

My absolute favorite prize so far are these arm warmers from Insanya.  Really cute, well made, and texture change.  You can even change the textures of each arm separately!  For 5 whole measily Lindens!   Get hunting kids!


Details (Slurls are on the Hunt Blog)

Hair – *Milk* Sushi 5Linden!
Skin/body – .:Panda Punx:. Evangeline 5Linden!
Dress – [Cynful] – First Date Leo Neon Pink (color change belt) 5Linden!
Arm Warmers – :::insanya::: Hunter Armwarmers (texture change) 5Linden!
Shoes – !ellemeno! mary janes for pink fusion 5Linden!
Tat – .Reckless. – Till Death Bitch 5Linden!


Leg tat – previous hunt gift no longer available

Poses – PDA

KatatOnik Easter

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Another contender for the “hardest” hunt on the grid is going on right now at the Ozimals Sim.  Click the sign at the landing and get a basket to wear, then find easter eggs that rez randomly about the sim.  Click and choose touch, and they go in your basket.  Get six and you’ll be offered a prop to wear on your head, which you take to one of the participating stores to click in front of the basket and receive a prize.  The prize is random with most stores offering more than one, so you might need to get more than one prop per store to get the prize you desire.  The sim is packed and the competition is a bit fierce, but there’s LOTS of eggs once you know where to look for them.  Just be patient and you’ll start to notice patterns.  This dress from KatatOnik is not “traditional” easter fair, but I think it’s amazing, and there’s a version in pink and blue, along with another in cream and brown.  It was my favorite gift of the several I managed to earn, but there are tons of other fun things.

The skin I’m wearing is the new group gift from Filthy.  It’s on the wall, and I had to use the edit menu to click it this morning (choosing edit linked parts before I could touch it, because it was linked to everything else.  That may have been fixed by now).  I admit I was a bit stymied by the pink brows and very Easter-ish shadow, but the addition of some old event gift make ups made it work well.  I’ve got quite a collection of these makeups now and I really appreciate how they extend the usefulness of what would other wise be a bit of a novelty skin.  This one has lovely little white spots across the cheeks and the coloring is very spring time and Eastery.  I’m sure I’ll have occasion to use it just as it came for another outfit.


Hair – Truth – Rowan Light Blondes (not free)
Skin – Filthy – Perle EASTER Group Gift In Store
Makeup – Snatch Old gift for the Vintage Fair (50s Makeup Red Lips & Cateye Liner), plus elymode holiday shadow red (old Advent Gift)
Dress – *katat0nick* (black) Cheeky Bunny Dress @ Ozimals Easter Hunt
Necklaces – Izzies Pearl Necklace Red and Black (stacked) – Part of the $10 Close Out Package Blogged Previously
Bangle – +Half Deer+ Painted Rustic Bangle (Bunny) Ozimals Easter Hunt
Headband – *G-Field* Flower Headband Black – Japan Fair Gift
Shoes – Duh! Classic Leather Pump – 25L


Location – [CIRCA] – “SKYWORKS” Studio Skybox with Patio (group gift in store)

Pose – Glow Studio Mercury

I Can’t Believe I Live Here

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I can't believe

Sometimes, things in our virtual world absolutely take our breath away.  Getting to live here, in this villa, is like a dream come true.  I haven’t begun to do it justice with my photos, and it’s screaming out for taking the time to play with windlights to get the perfect afternoon light, but I had to hurry and show you because I’m just that excited.

Also exciting this morning is Alice Project’s new group gift.  This hair comes with a hud to change the colors and tons of other options.  It comes in multiple sizes, to fit everyone properly and it’s just adorable.  The group is not free, but Alice takes care of her groupies with regular gifts and generous events.   I’m also wearing a lip/teeth combination that’s going to fall out of the Pink Fuel group notices soon, so run and grab it.  Mochi makes the most amazing lipsticks, and this gift comes in several shades of pink, with and without the tooth option.  And Lark’s offering for Colabo88 this month is the pefectly fitted Valerie skirt and top, in a ton of wonderful spring shades.



Skin – al vulo Ewa Kinder red brow fairy (group gift in store)
Lips – Pink Fuel Lipstick <Light> Shine (pink/teeth)
Hair – Alice Project Danyelle Basics (Hud Driven Fat Pack) – Group Gift in Notices (fee to join)
Top and Skirt – Lark Valerie Cream and Bloom – Colabo88 (not free) – Thank you Sienia!
Necklace – (Yummy) Gold Rose Pendant – Pink – Colabo88 (not free)
Bag – Duh! Suede and Bamboo Handbag Colorchange (25L)
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Fee Flat (not free)
Shoes – Ingenue :: Pandora Sandals – Last Month’s Arcade

Ridiculously Amazing Backdrop – Trompe Loeil Cortana Villas – 388L !!!!!  at Colabor88

Pose – No longer available

Japan Fair 2014

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Japan Fair1Japan Fair2

Loving this sweet doll look, mostly courtesy of the vendors at the Japan Fair.   So many lovely things for a great cause.  The hair is perfect in black, but comes with a hud to change to more than a dozen other shades if you prefer.

Also shown are my new group gift.  The sweet straw flowers make these an adorable addition to your spring/summer wardrobe, and they will work with avatar or slink feet.  I think the slink feet are brilliant and having bought them, I personally hate taking them off, but I know they are a bit of an investment, so I’m not leaving anyone out!

Skin – ::Modish:: Hatsu <cream> – Group Gift in Store (fee to join)
Lips – ::Miss Canning:: Earth Lipstick Group Gift in store
Lashes – Sn@tch Lush Glam Lashes (not free)
Hair – Tukinowaguma Azumi – Fat Pack (hud) – Japan Fair 2014 Gift
Hair Band – *GF* Flower headband Ivory – Japan Fair 2014 Gift
Dress – ***Ambrosia*** Mesh: Spring Flower – Japan Fair 2014 Gift
Bag – ::Schoen:: Japan Fair 2014 Gift
Shoes – ::Duh!:: Straw Flower Slippers – Subscribo Gift (join and request redelivery)

Bed  – [[RH]] Natural bed (with POSE) – Japan Fair 2014 Gift


Pose – Diesel Works Scarlett – Old Group Gift


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