I Can’t Believe I Live Here

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I can't believe

Sometimes, things in our virtual world absolutely take our breath away.  Getting to live here, in this villa, is like a dream come true.  I haven’t begun to do it justice with my photos, and it’s screaming out for taking the time to play with windlights to get the perfect afternoon light, but I had to hurry and show you because I’m just that excited.

Also exciting this morning is Alice Project’s new group gift.  This hair comes with a hud to change the colors and tons of other options.  It comes in multiple sizes, to fit everyone properly and it’s just adorable.  The group is not free, but Alice takes care of her groupies with regular gifts and generous events.   I’m also wearing a lip/teeth combination that’s going to fall out of the Pink Fuel group notices soon, so run and grab it.  Mochi makes the most amazing lipsticks, and this gift comes in several shades of pink, with and without the tooth option.  And Lark’s offering for Colabo88 this month is the pefectly fitted Valerie skirt and top, in a ton of wonderful spring shades.



Skin – al vulo Ewa Kinder red brow fairy (group gift in store)
Lips – Pink Fuel Lipstick <Light> Shine (pink/teeth)
Hair – Alice Project Danyelle Basics (Hud Driven Fat Pack) – Group Gift in Notices (fee to join)
Top and Skirt – Lark Valerie Cream and Bloom – Colabo88 (not free) – Thank you Sienia!
Necklace – (Yummy) Gold Rose Pendant – Pink – Colabo88 (not free)
Bag – Duh! Suede and Bamboo Handbag Colorchange (25L)
Feet – Slink AvEnhance Fee Flat (not free)
Shoes – Ingenue :: Pandora Sandals – Last Month’s Arcade

Ridiculously Amazing Backdrop – Trompe Loeil Cortana Villas – 388L !!!!!  at Colabor88

Pose – No longer available

Japan Fair 2014

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Japan Fair1Japan Fair2

Loving this sweet doll look, mostly courtesy of the vendors at the Japan Fair.   So many lovely things for a great cause.  The hair is perfect in black, but comes with a hud to change to more than a dozen other shades if you prefer.

Also shown are my new group gift.  The sweet straw flowers make these an adorable addition to your spring/summer wardrobe, and they will work with avatar or slink feet.  I think the slink feet are brilliant and having bought them, I personally hate taking them off, but I know they are a bit of an investment, so I’m not leaving anyone out!

Skin – ::Modish:: Hatsu <cream> – Group Gift in Store (fee to join)
Lips – ::Miss Canning:: Earth Lipstick Group Gift in store
Lashes – Sn@tch Lush Glam Lashes (not free)
Hair – Tukinowaguma Azumi – Fat Pack (hud) – Japan Fair 2014 Gift
Hair Band – *GF* Flower headband Ivory – Japan Fair 2014 Gift
Dress – ***Ambrosia*** Mesh: Spring Flower – Japan Fair 2014 Gift
Bag – ::Schoen:: Japan Fair 2014 Gift
Shoes – ::Duh!:: Straw Flower Slippers – Subscribo Gift (join and request redelivery)

Bed  - [[RH]] Natural bed (with POSE) – Japan Fair 2014 Gift


Pose – Diesel Works Scarlett – Old Group Gift

How Big is Your Hair?

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When I was a noob, Damselfly was one of the kings of the Second Life hair scene.  I owned plenty of it back in the day, but I’ll admit, when I discovered sculpted,and then mesh hair, I never looked back.  On an Easter hunt I was pleasantly surprised to see Damselfly still alive and well, and making BIG hair.  So big it takes 3 pieces to attach it all to your head!  But it moves and it’s fun, and did I mention BIG?  And there’s lots of colors… And it’s free, for the work of finding a small egg hidden on the MODA sim here. There are hunt hints, and the one for this prize involves looking for a place to wash your hands.

The Men’s department is open for a new round (and celebrating it’s second birthday) and these pants are a gift from the Pumpkin Vendor.  Look around, I found at least one other gift while there.  The jacket is the latest midnight mania prize from Poison, and my skin is part of a fatpack of skins that is the latest group gift from Modish.

Speaking of stores that have been around a while, Baby Monkey is offering free enrollment to their VIP group just for this weekend, and the VIP gift is downstairs in the gifts section (I get lost in this store, but there’s a teleporter on the ground floor that will take you right to it).  These boots are color change (as most, or all of Baby Monkey’s Products are) with 30 different options.  Baby Monkey does regular group gifts and is well worth the regular enrollment fee if you are a shoe lover, but hurry and join for free through tonight!

Lastly, Izzie made my day by putting out a second box of retired products for just $10L.  there are SO many fatpacks in this box, and so many things that can round out an outfit or layer under mesh.  You can’t see them, but I’ve got on an adorable pair of knee high socks, and the tank under the jacket is part of the layered tank set.  The original box is still available, so get both if you haven’t got it already.  Together they are a full wardrobe of well-textured, well made extras to fill in the holes in any inventory.


Skin – ::Modish:: Hatsu <Dune> – {Dark brows} Group Gift In Store (fee to join)
Hair – =MODAFLY= Damselfly – Rialynn Cinnamon – MODA Easter Hunt Gift
Jacket – >>> Poison<<< Rock & Striped Jacket Mesh – Midnight Mania Prize
Pants – [Pumpkin] Skintight pants – TMD Gift
Necklace – CREATIVE STUDIO – Bunny necklace – MODA Easter Hunt Gift
Boots – Baby Monkey Lupita Boots – Group Gift in Store (group free this weekend)
Tank – Izzie’s Layerd Tank Top Black – Part of the $10 Retired Clothing pkg by register
Tattoos – Old hunt gifts

Poses – LAP (no longer available)
Location Capella

When I grow up

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fri. lark. mag. yummy, -tb-



Skin – Izzie’s Lila Light – Not Free
Hair – [MAG] BLAIR (St. Patrick’s Day) – gift in store
Frames – (Yummy) Quinn Frames Ice – Collabo88 (not free)
Blazer – Tres Blah Blazer Cranberry – Collabo88 (not free)
Tank – Whippet & Buck Kipparing Coffee Liqueur – No Longer Available
Skirt – coldLogic Skirt glass – khaki (not free)
Shoes – fri. Diana.Heels (blush) – For Slink Feet Collabor88 – ONLY 88L!
Bag – Duh! Suede and Bamboo Mesh – $20L
Slink – AvEnhance Feet (not free)

Stool with Pillows – Lark today for 50LF – 50L!
4 Drawer Dresser Oak and White Wash Mesh 1LI – [INDO] – 20L
Lamp – [INDO] Urn Lamp Gold – 10L
Radio – -tb- Spring Living Radio Beige – The Arcade (not free)
Rug – [INDO] Woven Coral – 10L

Pose – PDA

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important hunt!

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I know the Twisted Hunt bills itself as the most difficult one on the grid (and with good cause), but the annual RMK Bunny hunt has to be a close runner up.  You go the sim, look for smallish bunnies that are hoping around, follow them for a bit, and wait for them to pop out a ticket, which they only do once every few minutes or so, and then immediately hop away (so you can’t even just follow one.. they re-rez somewhere else and you have to find them again).  There are usually multiple people watching a particular rabbit, so you must be the first one to click on the ticket once it pops out.  And then you wear the ticket and click a book located next to the hunt poster in the participarting store, (which you often must search to find) to receive your gift.  But here’s the thing, I do it every year.  The gifts are always sweet and imaginative, the sim is lovely, and there’s just something about a challenge I can’t resist!

I got 8 tickets in all this year (out of how many, I’m not sure, but at least 18 based on the numbers on the ones I got), and I’m showing a few of them.  And the hunt runs the entire Month of March, but it took me till now to decide I *had* to do it, so you haven’t got much time.


Skin – al vulo Ewa *kinder red brow fairy (previous group gift)
Hair – [MAG] HEIDI [roots 01] – group gift in store (fee to join)
Dress – NuDoLu Mon Petite Chat du Cheshire for Bunny Hunt – RMK Bunny Hunt
Lingerie – (it’s cute, trust me) {RoA} Secret Secret Lingerie (Alice) – RMK Bunny Hunt
Boots – +WTG+ Wonder Card Short Boots – RMK Bunny Hunt
Watch – [Ni.Ju] Alexander’s Pocket Watch – RMK Bunny Hunt

Pose – Scarlet Diesel Works March Gift in store

Location – Gumtree


In Actuality

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Thursday Blog2

Actuality is having a great birthday hunt for a few more days.  You are looking for tiny little cupcakes scattered over the skydome.  Click the hunt poster for a hud that will give you some pretty good hints. I loved doing the hunt, and the prizes are all great, but my favorite thing was wandering around the house and dome.  If you are a gatcha addict like me there are gatcha prizes everywhere used to decorate this adorable house.  There’s even a box at the bottom of the dome with some discounted gatcha prizes for sale inside (and be sure and remember you are hunting for cupcakes when you get there).

I’m not sure for how much longer, but right now the Beau Sim is having a simwide hunt which also features wonderful clothing and accessory items.  Here you are looking for cameras scattered all over the sim.  The jeans on the left are a sponsor gift found inside of Club 108 Mainstreet for members of their inworld group.  The group is private and not open for joining, but I received a join offer when I landed at the club, so be sure and take that.   I’m also showing a color change handbag I’ll be releasing soon.  There will be a gift in the store to go along with the release!

Lastly, don’t miss out on the gift ARGRACE is offering for joining their subscribo group.  This adorable pixxie hair comes in tons of colors, and there’s a men’s version in the package too!

al vulo – Ewa *kinder red brown fairy (group gift in store)
Hair – LaViere – Heidi/Hazelnut – Old 50 LF (but it still seems to be for sale for the 50L price)
Langly – top CAFe hunt – Actuality Hunt gift
Jeans – [Cynful] Skinny Jeans – Club 108 Mainstreet Group Gift
Cranberry Gold Earrings and Necklace – Actuality Hunt Gift
Shoe – VinCue MaAutomneSoulier + Shoe Firebrick – Beau Sim Birthday Hunt Gift
Bag – Duh! Bamboo and Suede Handbag

[PUMEC] .:DARIA:. Shape, Freckles and Skin – Actuality Hunt Gift  (note, the fee were set at 100 on this shape when I put it on, but it’s mod so that’s fixable)
Lip – MR – Frutty Lip #7 – Actuality Hunt Gift
Hair – *ARGRACE* Sakura Honey Blonde – Subscribo Gift For Joining
Eyes – Langly Eyes Pack #2 blue – Actuality Hunt Gift
Top – Langly Cardigan – Actuality Hunt Gift
Pants – Langly black jeans – Actuality Hunt Gift
Shoe – VinCue MaAutomneSoulier + Shoe Firebrick – Beau Sim Birthday Hunt Gift
Headband – .Pekka. Star headband – Beau Sim Birthday Hunt Gift
Earrings – .Pekka. Kawaii Skull Silver – Beau Sim Birthday Hunt Gift
Bag – Duh! Bamboo and Suede Handbag


Poses – ILAYA old hunt gift

Location – Actuality Hunt House

They don’t call it Mega for nothin’

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Womenstuff Cart Sale Final

The Megastuff hunt is happening right now.   It’s a lot of stores and and lot of hunt paths and a lot of great stuff, all free or 1L (up to the designers to decide).  The blog with hints and slurls is here and I’m showing a couple of things.  It’s also Friday, and that means Fifty Linden Friday, and though I buy stuff pretty much every week, I rarely get to blogging it before Friday is over, but this time, you get to see the wonderful bag Miel is offering.  The ring I’m wearing is from last week’s 50LF.  Don’t know if it’s still available.  Also, be sure and check out the Car Wash Cart Sale.  This semi annual event is full of yummy things for 10L each.  Great carefree shopping because nothing is more than that.  Some designers even give out freebies, like the adorable set from Somnia which includes the shirt I’m wearing under the cardigan.


Hair – Exile:: Rain or Shine 6 Dark Blonde – Arcade Gatcha
Skin – .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Keeley Skin (added lipstick) FREE Womenstuff MegaStuff Hunt
Shirt – .:Somnia:. Boffle Undershirt Peach – Car Wash Cart Sale gift on cart FREE
Jeans – R.icielli ANNA Mesh Jeans (15 L in Mesh Hunt Room – check the posters to find it)
Carigan – GizzA Loose Cardigan Knitted Red – 1L Womenstuff MegaStuff Hunt
Boots – Lindy Modern Lindi Pavi Tan = Car Wash Cart Sale 10L
Bag – Miel Courier Bag (Color Change) 50L FLF (today only)
Ring – C’est la vie Square Ring – Color Change (not free)

Poses - Frooti


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