Hunting Again

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It’s been a long time since I created in Second Life, or participated in a Hunt, but I’ve tried both. Getting back into modeling is hard. Blender has changed a lot in the 3 or 4 years since I last took it up (never mind that I stuck with the dinosaur, much older version, that I knew, rather than upgrading even then). But I took the plunge recently, relearned the basics, and have this guy to show for it. The back in the day hunt is for creators who were in SL prior to 2015 and starts October 1 at //elephante poses// . The website with hunt information is here, and my prize is this cute dog bag. Happy Hunting!


Getting Lucky

•July 13, 2022 • 1 Comment

Spent a couple of hours at the Scandalize lucky boards and won a half dozen new outfits. The required group is only 20L to join at the moment (I know it used to be much more so I have no idea if this will last).

The Rest of what I’m wearing

Meva Ivey Bento Rings Left Silver (Maiytreya)
LYBRA . MIKE (maitreya) SLB GIFT Shoes
Scandalize.ELRISA JEANS. MAITREYA (Lucky Board)
Violent Seduction – Oliver Mini Glasses (Silver) (group gift)
:::ChicChica::: 4th July Popsicle Chammy L (still free on the desk)
TRUTH / Teila Hair

As always, much of what I wear is past freebies or gifts and may not be available anymore.

Long Time No See (Again)

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I’m Still amazed every time I log in. Second Life continues to be a world full of wonder and generous creators. Today I saw a video from Novata Second Life showing off this amazing Animesh Unicor companion from SEMOTION and logged in to grab it. Group is free, and it will be available another week or so.

The rest of what I’m wearing

CK Sweet backpack gacha kitty white
SEmotion Libellune Lady Unicorn Companion GIFT
VELOUR: “Love Moon” Wand
Meva Ivey Bento Rings Left Silver (Maiytreya)
[HC] Quisha Wedge Flipflops – Maitreya
Addams // Jamila Flare Pants with Belt (HI-RISE) // Maitreya
Addams // Pandora Denim Jacket w/ CommonSweater // Maitreya
Blah. Retro Games – Pink Bag (add)
Spoiled – Bento Animated Gametendo (Focused) Static
Soy. The Mask [solid white] addme
::Duh!:: Swift Sunglasses – Grape
TRUTH / Teila Hair

As Always, much of what I wear is past freebies or gifts and may not be available anymore.

Oh hey, I remember you

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The internet got a little beat up today, and so did I.  I liked it so much I wanted to share, and I actually remembered that I had a way to do that!  So long time no see.  Here’s some goodies I got at the Boho Culture Fair and The Nightmare Event (thanks Faithless Babii for the tip)

First, from the Boho Culture Fair, this amazing hair.  There are three parts (I’m wearing two of them).  Big and beautiful, and only $1L  (or maybe free, I can’t recall for sure, but all the gifts at the Boho fair are either free or 1L).  It’s from No.Match and comes with a bag of hairbases too.  The Feather_Earrings were also a gift at the Fair from Delerium Style and come with a color change hud.

The Nightmare Event is for both shopping and exploring.  Grab your hud at the landing point and walk through the scenes clicking on floating teeth where ever you see them.  None are hidden and they are all quite large, but you must explore everywhere to find them all (I had to go through twice to backtrack to some places I skipped because I made the right choice to move forward the first try).  There are a few surprises, and a few things that will “kill” you, but you don’t go back to the beginning.  It took me about a half hour to walk through and another few minutes to retrace and get the rest of the teeth.  It’s creative and spooky and REALLY well done, and best of all, when you are done, you can collect prizes from almost all the vendors at the event.  I’m wearing multiple face tattoos (so I broke out my old system head), eyes and accessories all from the hunt.


Facial Tats – [TWC] Bang!, Nox. Bloody Tears, The Horror. Nosebleed, Quirky. I’m ok, I promise, UrbanStreet. Bruise Eyes – All from the Nightmare Event

Eyes – [NANI] Albine.Lense (Blue) – the Nightmare Event

Hair – no.match No.Now – The Boho Culture Fair gift

Collar – Schadenfreude Spike Collart (with neck wound tat) – the Nightmare Event

Wings – [Glizz] Dark Queen Wings Black – the Nightmare Event

Dress – Neve old group gift

The 100 Block

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Fringed Ankle Ad

Out now for the 100 block.  Just 29L each.  Original unrigged mesh to fit a variety of avatars.  Now till April 30th!


Fringed white ankle boot vendorFringed black ankle boot vendor

Things you need, things you only desire

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Desire March 11

If you’re an old-timer like me, you might remember the days of the Elikatera annual sale, and how, in the era before “event” shopping, they were memorable for the crowds and excitement. If you’re feeling nostalgic you can drop by Elikatera right now to experience the same great hair at a great price feeling. Everything in the store is 75 Lindens, just for a short while.

Not much is free in the post, but lots of good 50 Linden Friday bargains to be found, including these tube socks I’ve been looking for all my Slife. THANK YOU IZZIE! The top is cute, with lots of sizing options, as a gift for the Love Pink Hunt, and is only 2L. The shoes are mine, and are the wearable demo for my thick soled sneaks (so free!)

Also, if you haven’t heard, Collabor88 has made it a lot easier to spend money this month.  The slurl below is for their offsite shopping sim where I picked up these cute shorts (and tons of other great items).  The theme this month is “secret garden” and I loved every interpretation there.


Hair – [e] Estelle – On sale for a few weeks at 75L
Skin – Belleza Yasmin FLF Pale Makeup 1 BL – 50L 50LF today only
Top – {ViSion} S&F *top pink [Maitreya Lara] – Love Pink Hunt Gift 2L
Socks – Izzie’s Thigh High Tube Socks FLF – 50L 50LF today only
Shorts – Addams Dolores Short with belt ocean – Not Free
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Thick Soled Sneaks (Red) (Free Wearable Demo)
Pose Exposeur Props and Poses “oh boy”

Moon Madness

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My Moon Boots are out in the store and on marketplace now, in a fatpack of 8 colors (including black and white).  I’ve been finding lots of ways to wear these versatile and colorful boots, and they are unrigged mesh to allow for resizing to fit any avatar (try a demo though, just in case).



A Whole New Thing (Menstuff Hunt)

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menstuffI really love the serendipity of a typical hunt, but I’m also a big fan of hunts that happen to provide everything you need to deck out an avatar.  Usually, this isn’t planned, and often a hunt will be heavy in some aspect of avatar couture for no obvious reason.  However the Menstuff hunt this month manages to cover it all, with multiple options in almost every category.  Skins, hair, eyes, poses, shoes,tats, accessories, shapes and clothing, it’s all there, and all good quality.  The avatar shown here is 100% from the hunt.  Some items are free; some are 1L.  Hints and slurls are here:

Details – All from the hunt

Skin – Deluxe body Factory Asher
Shape – **Story Leaf** Nick Shape
Hair – Raw House Akuma BRN (tinted)
Eyes – Avi-Glam Jade
Tat- TAOX TaTToo Enjoy Life
Sweater – Beautiful Dangerous Danny Sweater Paynes Grey
Bottoms – UC_Denim jeans blue (unisex)
Glasses – -NU- Gold Aviator Glasses
Scarf – 7mad;Ravens Bitter Cold Scarf
Watch – G&T Creations Mesh Male Watch
Boots – Elysium Devon ankle boots

Pose – *PoseESioN* Ahn 4

Is There Life On Mars

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GiftsJust a few things I picked up this week, and one of my gifts for the Free Dove January Hunt. If you don’t already know, Palomma at the free Dove arranges for several designers to hide multiple free gifts throughout the store each month. These are in addition to the semi-permanent offerings. So easy and fun (the hunt is restricted to the store) and so many lovely free gifts.

This jacket is from a new-to-me designer, Powers Designs. It’s lovely and well made and free to group members. It’s also a great match for these pants from -tres blah-, part of a 5 pack in standard sizing, along with Slink and Maitreya bodies. The group is not free but there are multiple prior gifts available in the store right now, along with these pants.

Hair – [e] Iria (not free)
Skin – Pink Fuel Old Gacha in Cyber Grey
Top – [POWERS] mesh leather Jacket Red (includes shirt) Group Gift in store Free to Join
Pants – tres blah Vinyl Pants Pearl – Group Gift in store – Fee to Join
Ring – Maxi Gossamer Fortune Lotus Flower (color change) Group Gift in Store Free to Join
Makeup – Sn@tch Fishing Outfit “Precious Metals” – Free to fish but requires a $100 Linden Pole
Necklace – Sn@tch Fishing Outfit “Precious Metals” – Free to fish but requires a $100 Linden Pole
Boots ::Duh!:: Futuristic Moon Boot Red – Gift for the Free Dove January Hunt

Free Dove Hunt Banner 1024

Futuristic Hunting

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Futuristic HuntPerhaps you are a little burned out on the holidays at this point, or could just use a distraction from the endless pile of gifts that need wrapping.  I have just the ticket.  The Futuristic Hunt has started and I’m offering these moon boots in two colors.  This is a 5L hunt, and the hints and slurls are here, along with a gallery toward the bottom of the page to see the prizes.  Slurls are all on the blog (not in the prizes) so you’ll need to keep that available.

In addition to a few hunt prizes I’m wearing the Group Gift from Lelutka.  This bolero comes in a range of colors but you can only try for one set per day.  Wear your group tag and click the box under the (gorgeous) tree, and then be sure and take a copy of the tree too.

Lastly this adorable bob is from Lamb and it’s under the tree at the Arcade along with tons of other terrific gifts!  I have trouble with some makers/styles in fitting them to mesh heads, but this one worked like a dream.


Head – Genesis Makena Albino – Group Gift (fee to join)
Hair – +Lamb. Baby blue – Arcade Season of Giving Gift (under the tree)
Head Piece – Spyralle Jewelled DJ Headset – Futuristic Hunt 5L
Eyes – IKON Sovereign Eyes (not free)
Lashes – Maxi Gossamer Party Inverted Crown – previous group gift
Body Suit – Sn@tch Full Knit Bodysuit – (not free)
Jacket – .LeLutka Nico Bolero “Sunday Morning” (random color group gift)
Boots – ::Duh!:: Futuristic Moon Boots Green – Futuristic Hunt 5L

Set Piece – La Jolie Designs Sesartes Shell (tinted) – Futuristic Hunt 5L
Pose – Repose U McFly – Futuristic Hunt 5L