How far we’ve come already

I think this is the oldest picture I have of the store.  Hard to believe now that it didn’t occur to me to take one when it was smaller than this, but things were well under way by this point.  I already had a Lucky Chair! (and man, that Lucky Chair made me sooooo happy at the time… after a year of stalking them, to actually have one, and have the power of the chair in my own hot little hands.. I can’t tell you).   Jeffrey had graciously added an upstairs, cuz I was getting a hundred customers a day by this point, and the place was just too small.  The T-shirts I’d started with were already banished to the upstairs, and the flats, my first real big seller, were out. 

Finding that small open, 50 prim spot for rent in Silk’s mall, and taking the chance (cuz what the heck, she was practically giving the spot away)… who knew what it would lead to.

And here’s the store today.  Jeffrey had an idea about an “Arts and Crafts” theme for the store, and I loved it immediately.  That esthetic is just perfect for my philosophy about the store… art for the masses.  Form that follows function.  Finding the creative spirit in all of us.  Today we span the space that three stores took up in those early days, and wrap around the corner… and you know what?  It’s crowded in there. 


~ by Renee Harvy on July 19, 2009.

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