So I made ankle boots

… but the thing about ankle boots, if you don’t know this already, is that anything that’s taller that the top of your avatar “foot” has to contend with the fact that your lower leg often moves in a totally different direction than your foot.  So the boot is shooting off one way (cuz it’s attached to your foot) and the bottom of your leg is poking out of one side or the other.

The best way to deal with that is to cover the foot with an invisprim, and attach the boot to the end of your leg.  Looks great, and your foot can be going off in all sorts of different drections, and no one is any the wiser (cuz the invisprims got it covered).

But the down side is that you can’t attach prims to the ends of your legs (like say, prims intended to be worn as rolled hems on jeans), and ankle boots are short enough to show the ends of pants intended to be worn with bottom prims.   So what to do?

Here’s what I thought.  I want to offer the boots two ways.  One set intended to be worn with the invisiprim separate (for situations where the top of your ankle will show and you don’t want it breaking through the shoe) and one where the prim and shoe are all in one, which will occassionally allow part of your lower leg to “bust through” the shoe wall, but if you are wearing prims over the end of your leg, those occasions will mostly be covered by the prim. 

What I want to know is, does this make sense to you?  Will this cause more problems than it solves?  Are you interested in having these options, or would you just rather live with the separate prim for simplicity’s sake?

Respond to this post with your thoughts.   The first, um, I don’t know, mabye 20 people who do will get a prototype pair of the boots to try out, so you can give me more feedback.

 Edit to Add

Scripting to the rescue… I was able to obtain a script that locks your foot to your leg (like a boot fixer) and no extra prims are necessary.  :)


~ by Renee Harvy on August 25, 2009.

15 Responses to “So I made ankle boots”

  1. Here’s your solution: wear a skirt. You’re welcome. :p

    What you describe about making two versions of the boots makes prefect sense. Some designers DO offer two versions of their ankle boots; Pixel Mode immediately springs to mind.

    Good luck finding the perfect solution. They are lovely boots. :)

  2. Hmmm, agreed that two options might be very helpful. However, I’m still a little new to building, but can’t you just attach the invisi-prim you would otherwise wear separately to the ankle boot itself? This way you still leave the “bottom of pant” attachment point open. (Although, ignore if this doesn’t make sense due to my lack of primage expertize? ; )

    • Right, I know what you mean. My big buckled boots work that way, sort of. They attach to the bottom of the leg and the foot is actually covered by the prim on the boot. However, that works because the boots are so huge. So the boot covers most of the range of motion in the foot and the prim only has to be like TWICE the size of the boot to mask the rest of it (and even then, your foot will pop out during really extreme dance moves). That’s sort of awkward, but I thought it was acceptable on a boot that large to start with. The prim would have to be like 4 times the size of a tiny little ankle boot for the same thing to work, and I think it would cause more problems than it solves. Plus, with the boot on the bottom of the leg, you still lose that as an attachment point. The prim has to get even larger to work the other way (covering the leg, no matter where it moves, while the boot stays on the foot). It’s all about how creative dance and pose makers have gotten with giving us really beautiful, but crazily anatomically unrealistic motion :)

  3. This drives me crazy too, attachment points *growls* … The boots look gorgeous – and the option of separate prims seems to be the only solution. I doubt if many people will find the choice of separate/attached prims annoying – the more choices the better I think ;)

  4. Hello ) Maitreya’s new Gold line has solved this problem. This was one of the main reasons I bought them – it’s possible to wear pants cuffs. I think they are scripted to lock the ancle? So many strapped sandals or pumps use 2 attachment points. Another solution is to buy a “Boot fixer”. I saw Sasy Scarborought talk avout them in Sasypants, and RAN to get one. It’s only 50L and high boots look so much better, since the ancle don’t break. This really makes most shoes better. I would really like low boots that I can wear with pants and prim cuffs!

    • Ah right, the boot fixer…. I spent some time contacting scripters awhile ago about creating one of those and got no where fast, and the current retailers don’t answer inquiries about purchasing them for inclusion with the boots. I think they are a great idea too. I guess I can include information about purchasing them separately with the boots. Thanks for your input :)

    • Oh, and, I need your inworld name to drop the boots on you there :)

    • Hey Marianne, you’re a life saver
      You sent me on quite the wild goose chase, but today, I think I have a script in hand that will do the trick. Thanks so much!

  5. I think you should go ahead and make the two versions – in fact you should mark the price accordingly and just sell both in one package to make it even simpler. They are great boots, and I can see people wanting to show them off.

  6. Either the two versions as you suggest, or just one with them connected. I hate it when the invisiprims are separate and I can’t wear pants with prim cuffs. The new store sounds great!

  7. YAY! New store :)) The boots, yes…Id prefer two versions, SO many boots with the invisi-prim now and I cant wear my prim cuff jeans with them :( I cant imagine it would be confusing,and a note in the box works anyway. I never understood the whole invisprim *thing* thanks for explaining it !

  8. woot woot thank you! didnt notice those boots sliiiiide into my inventory…i lurrrve them!! Look great with shorts,skirts AND jean….

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