All things must end

Some people embrace change, facing it with a positive outlook and a cheerful disposition, and viewing it as an opportunity for growth and new adventure.  I don’t even want to know those people.   I generally view even the mildest change in my daily routine with the kind of trepidation, loathing and despair reserved for global catastrophes on the order of giant meteorites or the bubonic plague.  Sometimes however, change is thrust upon us, like it or not.   And so with that, I announce the opening of a new main store.

My old sim is going away (very very soon), but the oh so good folks at the Starlust were kind enough to give me a home on Elliot.   Come check out the new digs, and as a housewarming gift, pick up my new Classic Patent Pumps in Red.   Just for a short time though, so don’t be thinking you’ll wait a few days and be fashionably late for the party. 

I will miss my beloved home on Katachi.  My landlords Silk and Jeffrey saw me from a tiny t-shirt stand to a real store, and it would be fair to say I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.  They have jointly moved on to other ventures, and I wish them all the luck in the world!

Come grab your housewarming gift and see the new store here.   They are on the wall with the other new releases.

Style Card

Skin: *League* Taylor Sunkiss Glam
Hair: fri. -Tatum- Jealous Red
Jacket: Maitreya Short Trench *Chamoisee Jacket*
Shirt: ::Dutch Touch:: Organza Sheer Shirt
Shorts: ::humming:: button pants red plaid shorts
Tights: Tee*fy gachagacha brownie
Jewelry: [MANDALA] Shaka Necklace and Monica Earrings
Shoes: Duh! Classic Patent Pumps Red


~ by Renee Harvy on September 8, 2010.

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