The Starlust Hotel

One of my favorite places in Second Life is closing, or at least changing dramatically.   I can’t adequately describe how that makes me feel.  I understand and support the decision of those involved.  I’m just very sad that it has to be.  To me the Starlust is the best of Second Life.  The marriage of art and commerce.  Artistic expression, individuality, uniqueness, supported by  hard-working artists pouring their talents into the things we all want to enjoy and own.  It’s every existence speaks to my weird soul, and lets me know there are others like me who share an appreciation for the obscure, odd and wonderful.

Some good folks who truly love this piece of Second Life have organized an event to give back a little of the love the Starlust folks have poured out for all of us.  Please come and throw some lindens at the real people behind the strange who have struggled these past few months with something I think we can all relate to.  Too many expenses and too few dollars to keep living the way we’ve grown accustomed to.

My contribution is a memorial tote.  20L and it all goes towards paying the Starlust tiers this month.   Come grab it, and have a look at all the other wonderful offerings while you are there.

The Starlust Motel Last Call charity event can be found here.


~ by Renee Harvy on November 12, 2010.

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