Fashion For Life

I’m going to spare you the verbiage because if you’ve been paying attention at all to Second Life or the feeds this week, you know Fashion For Life is up and running.  Below are my offerings for this project, with 100% of the proceeds from all going to the American Cancer Society.

Regular items.  All proceeds go to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Hunt item.  Hidden somewhere in the store, in a small box marked with the Fashion For Life graphic, are my Linen Floral Flats in Lavender, for 10L , all proceeds going to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Please visit the 9 Fashion For Life sims, and show ACS/FFL some Linden Love.  Check out the blog here for more info about the event.  My own booth is set up on the Shulman sim, and should you be unable to access the vendors there, you can find them in my main store.  Do make your way out to the fair sometime in the next week though, because the offerings are universally spectacular.  I’m in absolute awe of my fellow creators, and the generosity and talent they have brought to bear on this effort.


~ by Renee Harvy on March 15, 2011.

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