Updated Products

As building and scripting trends and requirements change in SL, I will from time to time update my products.  Mostly recently, I’ve begun moving through all the older store stock to add new lower-lag scripted resize where practical.    Before script limitations, resize scripts depended on “listener” scripts embedded in every prim in a shoe, bag or belt.  In some situations, this created a large drag on system resources, but was the only scripted resize technology available at the time.  Now that newer technology, using only a single script is available, I’m retro-fitting my products.

It’s a slow process and I’m not done yet, but if you are an owner of a product purchased before this retrofitting, and would be interesting in a replacement/updated product as it comes available, contact me to discuss verifying your previous purchase.

~ by Renee Harvy on April 5, 2011.

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