Be vewy quiet, I’m hunting….

…. rabbits?   No, not exactly.   But I’m hunting plenty of other great items in the four grid-wide hunts Duh! is currently participating in.   It’s the Final day for Zombie Popcorn 4, so get busy on that fantastic hunt if you haven’t completed it.  Blog is here, with the info you need to get going.

The current edition of the MENstuff hunt is well underway and “stuffed” full of great prizes for men (see what I did there?).  Fortunately, my prize is better than my joke.  And in case you wondering, the shoes size down to fit smaller (read: female) shapes too.  The blog with hints and slurls is here, and the inworld group is invaluable both for helping you finish the hunt, and for granting you access to the MENstuff lounge, a designer showcase full of more gifts for men.  Paste this link into chat and click it to join:  secondlife:///app/group/a8703562-6a52-20df-81a9-9aeed5dc091c/about

Two new grid-wide hunts begin today and I’m please to be participating in both.  Info about the “Summer Breeze” hunt can be found here, and for Sand and Sun Hunt, look here.  You have a few weeks to finish each of these.

Click on the photos above to see larger pictures of any of the gifts.   Happy Hunting!



~ by Renee Harvy on June 15, 2011.

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