The Dirty Turkey Hunt 3 (2012)

I’m always excited about this hunt, and it does not disappoint this year.  The hunt blog is here with hints and slurls, and this is only a sample of the great prizes, so do the whole hunt!  I’m happy to be participating with my spiked unisex boots which you’ll find pretty fast if you are lucky. You have until the end of November to grab all the great prizes.

I love every bit of this, but isn’t that hat just the cutest turkey related thing ever?

Details (only hunt items are credited)

Rust Sweater 1 Hundred. Show me Sweater (mesh)
Anchor Sweater ::Fe Style:: Anchor Sweater (mesh)
Piercings – [SHOCK] F You Piercings
Hat – *Epic* Kawaii Turkey Chapka hat
Earrings – SCRUB Plumes Earrings
Skirt – PiCHi Knitted Jacquard Skirt (mesh)
Boots – Duh! Unisex red Spike Boots
SuPerBia  *BanDs* Grunge trukey Nails and finger tapes


~ by reneeharvy on November 1, 2012.

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