Falling into the Season Hunt

FSH is a relatively short hunt with high quality designers and many wonderful gifts.  Two stand outs for me are the Alice Project hair (Alice is always generous with including huds to personalize the color and streaking options in her hunt hairs.  There’s so many options that it can be a little overwhelming, but take some time and read the directions because the huds really are innovative and amazing), and these mesh jeans from Medley.  R.icielli is running a new round of “hunt” (they aren’t hard to find) with all 20 of the mesh items shown here.  Each one is 15L and is wonderfully textured and made.  Everything below except the eyes, R.icielli sweater and the tank are from the hunt.  The hunt blog is here and you are searching for mesh bright orange fall leaves.

Hair – *Alice Project* Grace Base/Large Pony Infinity for the FSH Hunt
Skin – Sui Generis Hattie FSH Exclusive for the FSH Hunt
Eyes – Previous IKON group gift – no longer free
Pants – Medley for the FSH Hunt
Tank – Jane Intrinsic Tanks Khaki – Free
Sweater – R.icielli _ Emma Mesh Shirt Wine – Charming Hunt #12 – 15L
Boots – SS (Spearsong) for the FSH Hunt
Earrings – CiCo for the FSH Hunt
Nails – Laville Mesh Nails Autumn – for the FSH Hunt
Pose *Picture Me Pretty* Jump into Fall for the FSH Hunt

Location – Cours


~ by reneeharvy on November 10, 2012.

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