Twist my arm, why don’t you (Twisted Hunt 2013)

“Welcome to the hardest hunt in Second Life” reads the promo material, and they aren’t kidding.  No hint pages, decoys galore and some really amazing and creative gifts.  This is not a hunt to do in a hurry (I usually get through 1o or so a day, skipping some even then) but there are so many amazing and talented creators participating,  it’s more than worth the effort.  Here are some items I found in the first third of the hunt!  Slurls are here, so you can skip if (when) you get stuck.

Details (Everything is a Twisted Hunt Gift except where noted)

Hair – Lelutka Vent (old gift no longer available)
Skin – Style by Kira # 41 Kate Skin
Eyes – Souzou Eien Twisted Delirium #37 Spiral Eyes
Dress/Hat and Boots – Impish #19 Alice

Hair – Alice Project #40 Delirium Electric Blue
Skin – Style by Kira  #41 Kate Skin
Eyes – Twisted Delirium #37 Spiral Eyes
Dress – +Blue Blood+ #6 Danielle Black
Earring – Maxi Gossamer Group Gift (free to join) Suri Pink Pearls Silver
Boots – Dilly Dolls #7  Matilda Boot

Chase, rug and Wingback – Roawenwood #9 Therapy Session
Tree – Pandemonium #24
Green House – Zoe’s Garden #28
Chandalier – Pillows and Things #35

Hair – Alice Project #40 Delirium Ultra Violet
Skin – Style By Kira #41 kate Skin
Eyes – Souzou Eien Twisted Delirium #37 Spiral Eyes
Dress/mouth – The Little Bat #44 Asylum Alice Skirt
Boots – Death Row Designs #23 Worn Combats (Men’s Sizes Included)

Shape/Skin – Kastle Rock #8 Delirium Outfit Liam/Sanity
Shirt – KR #8 Delirium Outfit
Pants/Shoes – Impish #19 Twisted Hunt Gifts
Mask – Razorblade jacket #27 Neoprene Mask with Teeth

Scene – Dekute Dekore #22 “Psyche Ward Room”
Wheelchair – Kabuki Creations #12 Twisted Wheelchair (wearable)

Poses PDA and Exposure

And these eyes are some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen. They are animated spirals, in silver or gold


~ by reneeharvy on March 8, 2013.

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