All Hallows Eve

Halloween final

Halloween is always special around the grid.  So many retailers over the years have created really memorable events centered around the holiday!  Two of my favorites this year are Horrorfest (benefiting the epilepsy therapy project) and the System Failure event (the latest in a series of games brought to us by Pulse Games &  Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch) .

If you’ve haven’t tried one of the annual Pulse Halloween games, they can be confusing.  Actually, they are usually confusing regardless.  But that’s part of the fun and adds to your enjoyment when you finally figure out how to progress to the next level.  Basically, click everything.  When you arrive at the facility, grab a game hud, put it on, and then start clicking.  A handful of the objects will contain free prizes.  Many more objects will be nothing, but a few will contain clues that help you figure out the game.  Watch the hud for announcements, information, and clues.  figure out how to get from room to room, take TPs when they are offered, and work your way to the finale, all the while solving the mystery of what happened to the folks at SHIELD.

The Horrorfest event brings together retailers offering everything you need to outfit your avatar in creepy style.  In addition there’s a grid-wide hunt, where some of the Horrorfest vendors are offering an in-store hunt gift for $1.  I’m featuring some of those gifts below.  The hunt item is a small pumpkin and the hunt starts here.  Check the blog for more info and slurls (some gifts are not out yet as of the writing of this post; they are noted on the blog).

Skin ::JOLI:: Nicole Ghost Bare The Raven Maiden – TGOH Hunt
Hair *Alice Project* Leah Bloody Blonde (Free Gift in store Today Only, but there’s a different style tomorrow)
Piercing .:ellabella:. Dangles – TGOH Hunt
Eyes [Plastik] VaeCollection Beam – TGOH Hunt
Lashes From Inventory
Crown/Blood Tattoo [Contraption] Pseudo Cogitation Crown – TGOH Hunt
Bloody Mouth Tattoo //elephante poses// – TGOH Hunt
Necklace Cute Poison – Horror Necklace Red – TGOH Hunt
Face Wound Tattoo – Goth1c0: I dare You Face Wound Tattoo – TGOH Hunt
Dress .:Somnia:. Celestial Lace Alpha – System Failure Game Prize 3 of 17 from Somnia


~ by reneeharvy on October 30, 2013.

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