Let’s Mingle with Jack or Jill

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Skin / Shape – :Panda Punx: Body Shop Briella {Crush} JOJ Hunt Female Gift
Sweater – K-Code JOJ Hunt Female Gift
Jeans – [Cynful] Skinny Jeans Mesh JOJ Hunt Female Gift
Bracelet – HEYDRA Jax Unisex Bracelet – JOJ Hunt Male Gift
Boots – Barely Legal Couture The Mechanic’s Girlfriend Thorzine Boots – JOJ Hunt Female Gift
Tattoo – GrungeInk Evil Within – JOJ Hunt Gift
Glasses – Kumaki Style Jenius Glasses – JOJ Hunt Gift

Chairs/Pillows/Heart Rug – Scarlett Creative Someone To Love – Mingle gift
Larger Rug, Window, Table – [CIRCA]
Wall Art – [Commoner] Pallet Wall Art Perfect – Mingle gift
Mobile – The Secret Store – Mingle gift
Frame (on table ) {u.f.o.} love you forever frame – Mingle gift

Pose Ilaya Jack or Jill Hunt gift

Mingle is a fun and imaginative event that seems mostly designed to make you, well, mingle! And you will be richly rewarded for doing so. Upon arriving at the start, you are given a HUD that is a cleverly designed cell phone with directions for completing tasks disguised as texts from friends. The first task requires you to find and click on objects in the starting room. Other tasks involved sitting on objects with others, giving things to others, hugging, dancing, riding and playing games with others. The key part of all of that being “others”. If you have a friend to bring to Mingle, you’ll probably finish faster and have fun doing it, but don’t worry if you don’t, because that’s the whole point! There are plenty of others who also need a dance or dining partner, and the fun atmosphere and simpleness of the tasks makes it easy to ask for help or pitch in when you see someone else left hanging alone on the “hug pose ball”.

The build is gorgeous and entertaining to explore,  and the tasks are inventive and not to difficult to work out. After completing the last one, you are rewarded with a TP to the prize room, full of wonderful things, many contributed by the folks who bring you the Arcade each quarter, so you know they are great.  Check the flickr to see more than I’m showing here.  There are also “date auction” boards in case you’d like a chance to do a different sort of “mingling”.  It took me around 2 hours the first time through, but if you don’t have that long, you can leave and come back later. The HUD will remember your spot. I crashed once and had the opportunity to verify that this worked.

The second room you enter is also a gift shop with many adorable products for purchase (perhaps as thank you presents for new friends made on the journey).   Thanks so much to these generous SL creators for a fun and rewarding event!

Also starting this week is one of my favorite hunts of the year!  The Jack or Jill Hunt from Depraved Nation features two paths, one for boys and one for girls.  Both paths are crammed full of fabulous gifts so have a look at the hunt blog and see what else you might want from either side besides the great things I’m showing here.  The hunt starts at Razor and you can get hints and slurls on the blog (chose a path at the bottom of the page to be taken to the slurls).  


~ by reneeharvy on February 2, 2014.

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  1. yes!! both are great Renee! Love the post :)

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