Late to the Thrift Shop but not the Arcade

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This is what happens when your computer acts up.. you put an outfit together and then have to wait a week for the nice man to put your computer back together (from the smoking pile of ruin it’s become) before you can shoot the pictures… and meanwhile, events end and new ones begin.  But I liked these items from the Thrift Shop so much, I’m showing them anyway.  If you didn’t check out the Thrift shop, it’s a recurring event, and let this serve as an example of some of the wonderful things available there at steep discounts.  If you can’t live without them, check the main stores; maybe some are available there.

Much of the rest of the items in this post came from my recent run at The Arcade.  Playing those machines has become pretty much my favorite thing in Second Life, and this round seems better than ever.  How creators can keep topping themselves is beyond me, but they do.   The arcade is here, and the off sim shopping (where I do all my arcading) is here.  You have to cam in, but it’s a lot easier to get into.  Neither of these locations will be easy to teleport to for another week or two, but if you are persistent, you CAN get in.  I made it in and out twice the first day!


Skin – Izzies Maci Valentine’s Skin Porceline – Valentine’s gift still out, but not much longer (I added lipstick)
Hair – !lamb. Tha (Colabor88 for a few more days) – Not Free
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Not Free
Sweater – (TokiDoki) kurumi cardigan – Not Free
Skirt – FW MiniMini Skirt Green – Thrift Shop (over)
Shoes – Duh! Brown Mary Janes – 25L
Tights – Duh! Rough Knit Lace Edged Leggings – Free
Glasses – [Zoom] Savana Sunglasses – Thrift Shop (over)
Bag – =Zenith= Lining PU Leather backpack Carmei Mix Choco Rare – Arcade

Skin – Panda Punx Body Shop Briella Shape and Skin – From JOJ Hunt (over) but they have an equally great gift for the Womenstuff hunt now running
Hair – [iren] Thrift Shop blond – Thrift Shop (over)
Pug – .Birdy.Puggly {Linon} – Arcade
Tattoo – GrungeInk – Fly with Me full Faded – Thrift Shop (over)
Trench – Loordes of London L’Experience Haute Trench Beige Red Thrift Shop (over)
Pants/Shoes (all in one) – :DEADPOOL: Tina Pants Vintage red Leather – Thrift Shop (over)

Bike – Lark – Bike (F) Rare Arcade

Location – Symbiosis (closing)
Pose – Signum Poses (old hunt gift)


~ by reneeharvy on March 3, 2014.

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