I’m late, I’m late, for a very important hunt!



I know the Twisted Hunt bills itself as the most difficult one on the grid (and with good cause), but the annual RMK Bunny hunt has to be a close runner up.  You go the sim, look for smallish bunnies that are hoping around, follow them for a bit, and wait for them to pop out a ticket, which they only do once every few minutes or so, and then immediately hop away (so you can’t even just follow one.. they re-rez somewhere else and you have to find them again).  There are usually multiple people watching a particular rabbit, so you must be the first one to click on the ticket once it pops out.  And then you wear the ticket and click a book located next to the hunt poster in the participarting store, (which you often must search to find) to receive your gift.  But here’s the thing, I do it every year.  The gifts are always sweet and imaginative, the sim is lovely, and there’s just something about a challenge I can’t resist!

I got 8 tickets in all this year (out of how many, I’m not sure, but at least 18 based on the numbers on the ones I got), and I’m showing a few of them.  And the hunt runs the entire Month of March, but it took me till now to decide I *had* to do it, so you haven’t got much time.


Skin – al vulo Ewa *kinder red brow fairy (previous group gift)
Hair – [MAG] HEIDI [roots 01] – group gift in store (fee to join)
Dress – NuDoLu Mon Petite Chat du Cheshire for Bunny Hunt – RMK Bunny Hunt
Lingerie – (it’s cute, trust me) {RoA} Secret Secret Lingerie (Alice) – RMK Bunny Hunt
Boots – +WTG+ Wonder Card Short Boots – RMK Bunny Hunt
Watch – [Ni.Ju] Alexander’s Pocket Watch – RMK Bunny Hunt

Pose – Scarlet Diesel Works March Gift in store

Location – Gumtree



~ by reneeharvy on March 27, 2014.

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