KatatOnik Easter


Another contender for the “hardest” hunt on the grid is going on right now at the Ozimals Sim.  Click the sign at the landing and get a basket to wear, then find easter eggs that rez randomly about the sim.  Click and choose touch, and they go in your basket.  Get six and you’ll be offered a prop to wear on your head, which you take to one of the participating stores to click in front of the basket and receive a prize.  The prize is random with most stores offering more than one, so you might need to get more than one prop per store to get the prize you desire.  The sim is packed and the competition is a bit fierce, but there’s LOTS of eggs once you know where to look for them.  Just be patient and you’ll start to notice patterns.  This dress from KatatOnik is not “traditional” easter fair, but I think it’s amazing, and there’s a version in pink and blue, along with another in cream and brown.  It was my favorite gift of the several I managed to earn, but there are tons of other fun things.

The skin I’m wearing is the new group gift from Filthy.  It’s on the wall, and I had to use the edit menu to click it this morning (choosing edit linked parts before I could touch it, because it was linked to everything else.  That may have been fixed by now).  I admit I was a bit stymied by the pink brows and very Easter-ish shadow, but the addition of some old event gift make ups made it work well.  I’ve got quite a collection of these makeups now and I really appreciate how they extend the usefulness of what would other wise be a bit of a novelty skin.  This one has lovely little white spots across the cheeks and the coloring is very spring time and Eastery.  I’m sure I’ll have occasion to use it just as it came for another outfit.


Hair – Truth – Rowan Light Blondes (not free)
Skin – Filthy – Perle EASTER Group Gift In Store
Makeup – Snatch Old gift for the Vintage Fair (50s Makeup Red Lips & Cateye Liner), plus elymode holiday shadow red (old Advent Gift)
Dress – *katat0nick* (black) Cheeky Bunny Dress @ Ozimals Easter Hunt
Necklaces – Izzies Pearl Necklace Red and Black (stacked) – Part of the $10 Close Out Package Blogged Previously
Bangle – +Half Deer+ Painted Rustic Bangle (Bunny) Ozimals Easter Hunt
Headband – *G-Field* Flower Headband Black – Japan Fair Gift
Shoes – Duh! Classic Leather Pump – 25L


Location – [CIRCA] – “SKYWORKS” Studio Skybox with Patio (group gift in store)

Pose – Glow Studio Mercury


~ by reneeharvy on April 17, 2014.

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