It’s Cold Inside Myself

eloquenceBut not so much outside. Wearing a big coat cheers me up though, and makes me feel a bit like it might be fall, despite the 95 degree weather.

Many of these gifts came from the Eloquence opening event. The group is free to join and there are tons of gifts scattered around the edges of the landing. My favorite thing was this skybox, of which you are only seeing a corner. The lovely baked textures are just wonderful!

The hair is available in male and female styles for as a group gift, in a fat pack with an enormous range of colors at Tableau Vivant’s reopened store. I think at one time the group was pay to join (and may be again) but it’s free at the moment.

I started this look with this dress from {dollie*} for the Bling Hunt. It has a great little slipped strap detail, but I felt like covering that up today. It was a bit challenging finding mesh that would completely cover the straps, but this thick coat from Poison does the trick, for free!

Skin – Style by Kira – Ella Skin group gift @ The Eloquence Opening
Hair – Tableau Vivant Sample Hair – Ladies (fat pack) group gift in store (free to join)
Makeup – Wow skins Lips Orion – The Bling Hunt gift 1L
Dress – {dollie*} The Bling Cami Dress – The Bling Hunt gift 1L
Jacket – >>>Poison<<< Whiplash red Jacket Free on Marketplace
Tights – Insanya old group gift
Shoes – Duh! Gold Sequin Slipper 10L
Crown – Cute Poison Clockwork Crown – Hunt Prize (3 in store, plus decoys, in a bat shaped prim)
Necklace – Pure Poison Folium Necklace Group Gift in store – Free to Join

Chairs & table – Cheeky Pea group gift @ The Eloquence Opening
Wall Hanging – Kalopsia group gift @ The Eloquence Opening
Skybox – =EliBaily= group gift @ The Eloquence Opening

Pose – LITTLE BEAN soft girl poses – Group gift @ The Eloquence Opening


~ by reneeharvy on October 8, 2014.

One Response to “It’s Cold Inside Myself”

  1. […] was reading Renee Harvy’s blog the other day and she pointed out some fantastical freeb’s at the Grand Opening of Eloquence. […]

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