Oh hey, I remember you


The internet got a little beat up today, and so did I.  I liked it so much I wanted to share, and I actually remembered that I had a way to do that!  So long time no see.  Here’s some goodies I got at the Boho Culture Fair and The Nightmare Event (thanks Faithless Babii for the tip)

First, from the Boho Culture Fair, this amazing hair.  There are three parts (I’m wearing two of them).  Big and beautiful, and only $1L  (or maybe free, I can’t recall for sure, but all the gifts at the Boho fair are either free or 1L).  It’s from No.Match and comes with a bag of hairbases too.  The Feather_Earrings were also a gift at the Fair from Delerium Style and come with a color change hud.

The Nightmare Event is for both shopping and exploring.  Grab your hud at the landing point and walk through the scenes clicking on floating teeth where ever you see them.  None are hidden and they are all quite large, but you must explore everywhere to find them all (I had to go through twice to backtrack to some places I skipped because I made the right choice to move forward the first try).  There are a few surprises, and a few things that will “kill” you, but you don’t go back to the beginning.  It took me about a half hour to walk through and another few minutes to retrace and get the rest of the teeth.  It’s creative and spooky and REALLY well done, and best of all, when you are done, you can collect prizes from almost all the vendors at the event.  I’m wearing multiple face tattoos (so I broke out my old system head), eyes and accessories all from the hunt.


Facial Tats – [TWC] Bang!, Nox. Bloody Tears, The Horror. Nosebleed, Quirky. I’m ok, I promise, UrbanStreet. Bruise Eyes – All from the Nightmare Event

Eyes – [NANI] Albine.Lense (Blue) – the Nightmare Event

Hair – no.match No.Now – The Boho Culture Fair gift

Collar – Schadenfreude Spike Collart (with neck wound tat) – the Nightmare Event

Wings – [Glizz] Dark Queen Wings Black – the Nightmare Event

Dress – Neve old group gift

~ by reneeharvy on October 21, 2016.

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